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Oratory Services

I am committed to make the presentation of all facets of dentistry from technical to management and finance be entertaining, thought provoking, valuable, and resulting in some positive change. I promise to create a unique presentation for your society, association or study club. I think that people deserve the best from their speakers and originality for their unique needs and interests.

IPOD “The individualized practice of Dentistry”

In this thought provoking presentation, you will learn a different style of decision making to create the practice that you desire. This refreshing look at decision making is valuable for practice management and staff meetings. In addition, this workshop style, presentation will help in treatment planning and your relationship with specialists. Great for study clubs and staff enhancement meetings.

Taking the Illusion out of Occlusion

Nothing will differentiate your practice more than an understanding of how to incorporate occlusion into your dentistry and treatment planning. Creating stability, predictability, and longevity in your dentistry will do the same for your dental practice. A practice changing seminar.

The Phantom of the Operatory

The management of our dental offices has many similarities with the producing of play. Consider the dentist (director), the staff (cast), the audience (staff), the office as your stage. An entertaining and thought provoking look at our offices. This presentation can include: role playing and audience participation, if requested. Excellent for dentists and staff.

Looking at Dentistry from Inside Out

This non-traditional presentation focuses on the new patient experience. It focuses on a comprehensive evaluation and examination that encourages patient participation in the decision process and treatment sequencing. A non-traditional style of practice that is not the way we were taught in dental school.

For Dentists and Staff.

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