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Dentistry ConsultingDental practices are the most unique small businesses in the world. The dentist wears the hats of CEO, CFO, production manager, marketing, production, quality control, and the list goes on. Is it no wonder that there are many times confusion or worse in a modern dental practice. I am still in the day to day practice of dentistry and have met the challenges that are part of our profession. I offer a different type of relationship in consulting. It is tailored to each individual to create the best chance of having meaningful change. Please contact me if you are interested in discovering your full potential in dentistry.

Here are some opportunities and choices that you may consider:

Opportunities and Choices

Your Office:

This consulting style is very effective for the practitioner that would like an assessment of their present practice style and is interested in making changes that will aid in transitioning their practice to what they envision for the future. This office visit can be personalized to your individual office environment and circumstances. The following is a popular arrangement that has been very successful for other clients.

  • Pre-visit telephone interviews with the principles to create a plan for the visit and desired outcome.

  • Arriving on a Wed. evening and meeting with the dentist, spouse and any others invited by the dentist.

  • Thurs: Observation of a typical work day and notes. After hours meeting with principles at doctors discretion to begin to formulate a plan of action.

  • Fri: Staff meeting to formalize action plan, reach agreement and commit to positive change and implementation.

  • Three follow-up tele-conferences with doctor and or staff. Also discussion when and if a follow up visit would be appropriate.

This is only a general framework for the in office visit. As with all my client relationships, individualized planning is the key to the most effective and successful outcomes.

My Office:

You may come and observe my office on a regular practice day. I have done this for a number of years and my patients are comfortable with visitors. We can discuss if you want your main chair side, front desk person, or some other staff person to attend. Seminole Florida enjoys beautiful weather year round and we have made arrangements with a small hotel just a short walk to the beautiful beaches of the gulf coast.

  • Pre-visit telephone interviews with the principles to create a plan for the visit and desired outcome.

  • Thursday is a full practice day 8am- 2pm. I may have stimulated some interest with those hours. After patient hours, we have the afternoon to interact, discuss systems, diagnose some cases, etc.

  • Friday morning, we can continue learn lab techniques, see a patient, or see what and how you can implement new ideas in your practice.

  • Three follow-up tele-conferences with doctor and or staff. Also discussion when and if a follow up visit would be appropriate.

Over my shoulder:

Some of the most profound learning can occur when you can witness the new patient experience with a patient that you provide. Although more involved, as far as planning and coordination, this experience creates the fastest path for a curious dentist move to the next level.

Our office will completely focus on your patient for an entire day; from comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic work-up, possible occlusal splint therapy, equilibration, and even provisionalisation, if appropriate.

Please understand that my main focus is on what you are looking for and I will work with you to customize and experience that is meaningful and productive.

Consulting fees will be based on your individualized requests, and thoroughly discussed before any commitment.

I look forward to answering any questions you have in regards to the many options that I provide in consulting.


The field of coaching has exploded in the past few years and I can say that I have had an active dental coaching business for the past seven years. Coaching works well over the phone and e-mails. Dental cases can be discussed and the uses of digital photography and Power Point are phenomenal.

Most of my coaching clients become consulting clients, and it is a great way to start and develop a professional relationship.

Announcing New Program for Study Groups

Dentists - Decisions - Solutions

Reinventing your study club!

Many of us have been a part of dental study clubs with varying degrees of satisfaction. The study club is one of the most effective dental groups for personal growth and learning. Unfortunately, they frequently fail to reach their full potential. What is in the way? Here are few of my observations over the years:

  • Most study clubs have natural leaders. They end up making most of the arrangements and organize of the group. Many times this responsibility becomes a burden and is not easily delegated when the culture of the group has developed.

  • Some members are intimidated by the perceived skill level of other members and are hesitant to contribute, thinking they are not up to the standards of the group.

  • Also, there may be and undercurrent of competitiveness that is an impediment to mutual growth.

  • This leads to a lack of openness in the group and members may think their challenges are unique to their practice and they find themselves more isolated.

Dentists-Decisions-Solutions was developed to meet the needs of your study club, whether it is an established group or in the formation process. Imagine a self empowering dental study club that develops into a safe, supportive and inspiring group of professionals.

Within this framework the club can become a brain-trust and mentoring group. This is about not only improving each others technical skills, but becoming a support group for the many challenges that occur in leading a dental practice.

How to begin:

  • Schedule a one day meeting where I will act as a facilitator to assist you in redefining, refining the goals and intent of your study club. At the end of the day, you will have made decisions and have solutions for optimizing your study club experience.

  • I would suggest a minimum of 6 attendees with a cap of approximately 12.

  • Specialists are great to have included.

  • I would recommend a second facilitation meeting at about 6 months to maintain momentum and enhance the accountability.

  • According to your clubs wants and needs, financial arrangements will be discussed on an individual basis.

I look forward to helping you reinvent your study club.
Please contact me with any questions that arise.

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