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Dr. Brian Beirl ArticlesThe following of my thoughts and writings over the years. Many of us that love to read are drawn to the pen. Some have been published in dental journals, some are about to be and others are just musings that may strike a cord in you. Enjoy, I will be adding to this quite often, so keep in touch. 

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The 70% Solution

At midnight, May 17, 1968, the nuclear submarine USS Scorpion left Rota, Spain. Its top secret orders were to sail west toward the Canary Islands. As it slipped beneath the waves, the pride of the US submarine fleet and its 99 crew men were never seen again.


“Dentistry is an ethical issue” Dr. Harold Wirth

This is a big-E. What is ethics? Is it merely doing the right thing? What is the right thing? Can ethics be taught? Is it learned throughout life? Does it change according to the circumstances?

There is no doubt that any attempt to discuss ethics is an ambitious and daunting task. Even an attempt to define ethics can be lead us into a labyrinth of philosophies of historic proportions. Most would agree ethics centers on a certain commitment to standards. Therefore, for the sake of time and space, our discussion of ethics will center on three areas of commitment:

Commitment to others.
Commitment to personal growth and education.
Commitment to be financially sound.

The Phantom of the Operatory

There are many similarities in the staging of a play and the performance of a dental office. In the magnificent musical Phantom of the Opera, the compelling phantom affects much of the performance by achieving his desired outcome from behind the scenes. Can we follow his lead and create an office experience that routinely exceeds our patient’s expectations without us explicitly directing every scene? It certainly would lend itself to less management and more empowerment for our co-workers.

Let us then suspend our belief in dental teams and the all the accompanying sports analogies and enter the world of grease paint and foot lights.

Uncommon Sense

In 1985 I found myself in a dental practice of my own making. However, it was not the practice I had imagined I would have. I was incredibly busy with little time to develop relationships with my patients and staff. The dentistry provided was always convenient but not always what was the most appropriate for each individual patient. The dental practice consumed most of my time and deeply affected family and personal relationships.

The Art of Jazz

In 1920 the evening crowd strolling along Toledo’s Madison Street was experiencing the sounds of the centuries colliding. The culture of America was about to roar. The Great War was over and ragtime was morphing into the sensual sounds of jazz.

DSI: Dental Scene Investigation

The comprehensive dental evaluation, that is the hallmark of a thriving dental practice, has much in common with the investigative method that is demonstrated in the very popular, CSI TV series.

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