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Coaching the ProfessionsWelcome to a place where you can explore new ideas, as well as yourself. Where there is specific information, along with thought provoking stories. My consulting style is one of discovery and motivating suggestions. Like a great novel it reads differently for each individual. I strongly believe in developing a professional relationship with my clients, one that allows timely results with an empowerment that allows them to continue long after our consulting relationship has been successful. I welcome your questions and comments, and if the time is right for you, I look forward to helping you create the next chapter in your success.


dental toolsDentistry is the greatest profession in the world but I hear so many dentists lament to their non-dental spouses, friends, and family. “You don’t know what it’s like”. I am in my 30th year of private practice and I understand. I have worked in clinics with PPO’s, HMO’s and all the letters of the alphabet. I have experienced dentistry in the Military. I have been an associate, had associates and been a partner. I have worked in multiple offices, owned multiple offices and presently enjoy a solo practice. Ok I’ll take a breath, but I am passionate about the practice of dentistry and how it can be practiced in a way that fulfills our dreams. Remember those dreams? They were based on why we became dentist in the first place. Please take some time open the pages of my books. They will reveal to you my thoughts on the practice of dentistry. If they strike a chord, I welcome a chance to connect with you so we can work together to realize your dream of dentistry.

Small Business CoachingSmall Business

All business leaders have demands on their personal time and are required to make critical decisions. Professionals and small business owners are unique in that their business decisions have almost instantaneous effects on family members, co-workers and the customers they serve. For the several years I consulted with dentists and small business owners. I have found that much of what I have learned in the practice of dentistry relates seamlessly numerous business concerns.

I invite you to browse through my writings and books. If what you experience treads on familiar ground, I encourage you to contact me.


Surround yourself with great people
Create an environment that you love and attract the people that are looking for the same.
Become the best that you can be and consistently hold out for what is best for others.


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